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Porch Doctors can help you evaluate if your porch can be repaired and brought up to code or if you need a completely new porch.
High Quality in Craftsmenship
Porch Doctors provide high quality craftsmenship in porch building. We make sure everything exceeds in standard.
  Porch/Deck Replacement
If the current porch/deck is complety unsafe and/or need a boost, then Porch doctors can fully replace the porch/deck.
All Type of Repairs for a Healthy Porch
Short No job is too small or too big for the Porch Doctors. We do minor repairs so you can have a safe and healthy porch/deck.
  Inspection On-Site
Not sure if your porch or deck need repair? No problem. Porch Doctors do home-visits. We inspect the porch to see if it needs some work.
Analysis of Porch Structual Report
Porch Doctors can provide a full structual report so you can know exactly where's the problem.
  Expediting Porch / Deck Permits
Short Need to rush the porch/deck repair construction? We can expedit permits so you can have a safety porch/deck.



Porch Doctors has over 7 years of experience checking up on porch and decks. We strive on making sure people have healthy and safe porches. We serve the Chicago and Suburban Area.

If you have any questions or concerns plase feel free to contact us at 1-855-767-2463


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